Lulu-Lee is an international makeup artist, working in the different fields of the arts for over 19 years. Her passion for the trade began at the young age of 5, while playing with her mother’s makeup. At the age of 20, following her mandatory military service, she took her skills to a professional level studying the art in top schools overseas.

Constantly growing as a person and an artist, Lulu-Lee’s strong will to perfect her skills and acquire new and cutting edge techniques took her on a voyage overseas to Europe and the United States.

In addition to her fluent work with private clients and in fashion & advertisement Lulu-Lee founded Inspirational Beauty- An Interactive lecture/makeup course, that gives a deeper look to the more spiritual side  of beauty while learning how to do your makdeup. 

Word of the artist : ” 

Empowering women with my brushes and colors gives me pure joy.Through the years of working in my industry, and also teaching the art privately and professionally, I have learned that most of us women have the desire and need to know more about our features, explore our outer beauty and have a better understanding of how powerful our inner beauty is.
That discovery led me on a personal journey that resulted in creating Inspirational Beauty.
These exciting & inspiring beauty lectures, courses and workshops will take you on a journey of understanding how inseparable our inner & outer beauty is by learning easy to apply makeup techniques that will go hand in hand with personal growth wisdom. This is a Beauty lesson like you never experienced before.”                              

She currently resides in NYC and has been working on her craft diligently, doing various productions, fashion shows, and mentored by world renowned artists in the ever-so evolving industry of fashion, beauty, glamour and entertainment, as well as teaching and touring with her Inspirational Beauty workshops and lectures. 

Some of her work and clients include: VS fashion show, HBO, Pattern Magazine, Ralph Lauren, Becca Cosmetics, St.Ives, Nexxus, Ricki Lake and Jo Frost to name a few.

She specializes in Beauty, Bridal & Fashion. Her lectures/classes can be taught in a one on one setting or groups for all types of women gathering and occasions.