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Today I decided to share one of my experiences with a monster called self confidence.. Uuuuuhhhhh 😉
We have all battled with that monster at one point or another in our lives and for some reason it seems like no matter how many times we put it down, it finds a new way to raise its ugly head back up.
For me, it comes up in different situations, with different people, even through my kids, which is so real and in my face that it actually becomes the best learning and growth experience.

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Sooo, I would like to take you with me down memory lane again, to the first time my confidence as an artist was shaken…
I was part of an artistic team who joined Elite Models agency for a weekend of competition to select the next top model of the agency.
We flew to a resort and the weekend was filled with shoots, runway shows, interviews etc.
For the main shoot we were instructed by the creative director to do an edgy fashion look, something that the girls will never wear on a day to day,
“Use colors, use your imagination, be creative, be bold!” I was so excited and so inspired, I dug right into it!
Colors were mixing and blending, brushes painting fearlessly, creative juices were flowing.. an awesome look was being created.
The head of the agency came down to the dressing rooms for a walk through and I guess (well, by her reaction I should say ‘I know’ not guess lol) she had a different idea of how she wanted the girls look to be, and let me assure you, it wasn’t fashion or edgy Lol
She took one look at the girls and freaked!! When she arrived at my station, before I realized what was going on, I was starring at her dental work!!
Her mouth was wide open, screaming at the top of her lungs.. ” What did you do to my girl? She looks like a prostitute!! Are you crazy? Who taught you how to do makeup?? This all needs to come off  Right NOW!!!”
While she continued her walk through, frantic with shaking hands and an accelerating heartbeat, I removed EVERYTHING!! I don’t think I ever removed makeup so fast in my life!! Lol
She took the lead artist to the side, relayed her vision for the look again, exactly how she wanted it “and no mistakes this time”.
He came to us, explained the look and even took a minute to apologize in her behalf, but the damage was already  done..
From the corner of my eyes I saw artists wiping some tears, others just standing there not sure what to do next.
Best way to describe the scenario-Lost! That was pretty much the collective facial expression of the team.
Still till this day, writing this right now, I’m not sure where my strength to keep going, or wisdom to not take it personally came from.
I think I was just so focused on what needed to be done alongside with the drive to prove myself and show I can do whatever is thrown at me.
I remember telling myself, after seeing the end result, which was basically night and day from the first look we did..
“Lulu, it has nothing to do with you, don’t worry about it, you did good, it’s a production misunderstanding”.
When it was all said and done, my model had amazing images and went on to win the whole thing!! And of course, now I got all the praises…
Although I see it time and time again in the beauty industry, it really is just one small slice of a big cake called life.
These type of incidents happen all the time, it’s part of human nature unfortunately.
Many people deflect their frustrations on us because that’s the only way they know how to cope when they are overcome by fear.
There is a sentence I use a lot when I find myself caught up in uncomfortable situations like these with others…
“It’s not mine, It’s theirs”
Just like in the book By author: Don Miguel Ruiz “The four agreements” (A must read in my opinion), one of the agreements is to not take anything personally, which by no means an easy thing to do since we all have feelings, insecurities and sensitivities that when situations like that occur, feeds right into them but we have to try.
If I had gave her and her words the power that day, I would have gave her the strength and ability to control my destiny.
She tried to plant a seed in my mind with a notion of me being incapable, a bad artist who does not know what she’s doing! But I didn’t allow it to grow into a field of insecurities, I just took a deep breath, looked at her with compassion and shock, told myself she’s just a stressed out psycho and brushed her off.
In 17 years of my career I had my fare share of crazy encounters, but none of them topped this one.
Looking back (I love looking back.. best lessons learned come mostly from the ability to retrospect) I think it never happened to me again, well, definitely not in this scale, because I had proven to myself on that day my worth as an artist! I knew who I was, my talent and capabilities, there was no doubt.
In my head I kept thinking
“I can do this!! This is what I was meant to do”
🦋 This week’s Inspiration 🦋
Stay strong! Be unshakeable! Don’t let anyone tell you who you are and what’s your worth.
Next time a situation arises where you feel the person in front of you is behaving in a way that is not understood to you, maybe undeserving, unfitting or just all around wrong..
Remind yourself that you have no idea what they are going through, why this is their perspective or what made them act this way. You can’t control their actions but you can control yours!
So find compassion, brush it off, and tell yourself:
It’s not mine, It’s theirs!!
Keep living life with magic and stay inspired by beauty.
As always, thanks for being here,
Love and blessings,
Humbly yours,

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