Coming to America… :)

I know I said the 1st post was long because it’s the first one But, come to find out…. I just like to write LOL

So, this one is long too, but I have a feeling you will find it interesting and inspiring, so don’t worry about the amount of words written, just enjoy their quality  😉

Hi everyone, 

First, I wanted to thank you all for all the sweet warm words I received from so many of you about my 1st post. 
It touched my heart and I don’t take it for granted, not one bit!! Thank you 

So, where were we, me… dreaming of America 😉 
Looking back today, there was a moment that my faith and intentions made a jump into realization mode and I didn’t even understand it was happening… I knew I was excited about what was happening, I felt it in every part of my being (Which is usually what happens when visualizing starts to manifest).I recognized the potential and opportunity (And that, I realized, is something I have to do always! Believe in the opportunity that lies beneath every introduction, business card, photo or simply a sign from the universe) but I had no idea that this “little workshop” invite will show me the life I had dared to dream about for so long… 

A huge new makeup brand from the states opened its doors in my country and they just started their pro program.
I joined right away and couldn’t wait for some industry mingling 😉
I was invited to a workshop taught by an amazing woman who was their Director of makeup artistry international.
I was thrilled to go, the thirst to surround myself with artistry and beauty was so extensive, I couldn’t retain myself.
I came in early and even brought my portfolio with me. I was enthusiastic to share my work with someone of her caliber and had certainty that I will get my chance to do so.. there was just no other option. 
The class was awesome!!
I watched her create her own expression of art on the model like a kid in a candy shop for the 1st time… looking, observing, watching open-mouthed, taking everything in while trying to contain my excitement. 
Class was over and I made my way to her.. introduced myself, praised her talent and shared my thrill. 
She saw me holding my portfolio and asked to take a look, she was kind with her words and I shared my big dreams of developing my art and career in the states. Seeing the passion in me, even more then I saw in myself, she reassured me with confidence that I will get to where I dream of and if my heart is leading my path, filled with so much enthusiasm, there is no reason why I won’t.
She gave me her personal contact information so I can stay in touch, and so I did. 
We corresponded for about a year until my opportunity to come to the states came along.
I had moved to Chicago with my husband for the summer, no major plans, we just knew we are here for 2 months and then go from there. 
He played pro basketball and we basically lived in the mercy of the contracts, wherever the best offer is, that’s where we gonna end up. 
This time though, something felt different, it was like my heart was leading me.. not a contract, obligation or anything else. Allowing me to go ahead, take control and lead myself. During that summer, since I didn’t know what’s going to be my next step, I did whatever I thought was needed in order to make a life in the US. I networked, shot with numerous photographers, did an art gallery show (I’ll tell u about that one another time) and tried out for M•A•C, passed all 3 interviews and right before I was assigned to a store, came the email that changed everything.
This time, it wasn’t just a catching up email, she was asking if I would like to come to NYC and assist her in the upcoming fashion week!!!! Wait, what??? Me??!! Fashion week?? You mean the same fashion week I have been reading, watching, googling and dreaming about my whole life?! you mean ME, actually inside of a tent, in Bryant Park??? 
I was ecstatic!!!
Before I even knew how, where or when, I said Yes!!
I figured I’ll take care of the details later Lol, I knew God had my back and the universe will help me with all that’s necessary for my trip.
A friend offered her couch, hubby bought me the ticket and I was on my way to NYC to live my dream. 
I have this vivid memory, me, talking to my sister on the phone, at the hotel room, looking out the window, perfect view of time square, champagne glass in my hand, sharing my experience with her, trying to get a virtual pinch to tell me this is real!!
Starting with meeting the designer, seeing the collection, making face charts, getting all the makeup for the show from the pro stores, to actually being back stage, doing makeup and going to the after party- it was once in a life time experience!! 

A moment – A thought – A realization 
No one can stop me now. I made a dream come true. It became reality right in front of my eyes and I was an active player in it, making things happen.. believing, seeing, creating, focusing on my vision and seeing nothing but success. 

Washing all of her brushes in my friend’s tiny kitchen was probably one of the most unglamorous, yet most proud and fulfilling moments of my life. 🙂

And so, I decided to stay, this city was just to alive for me to leave.. 
Hubby, like the amazing man that he is, promised me in our days of travel, that just as I follow him for his career, he will do the same for me when it’s my time.
We both knew it… Now it’s my time!
He took a few short contracts instead of a full one until we found a place and
Brooklyn became home.

A moment- A thought – A realization  
I’m a makeup artist, in NYC, doing fashion, assisting amazing artists, seizing the moment and grabbing new opportunities fiercely. 
YES- I have arrived, it is ON!

Through the years, connecting with other artists, sharing experiences, I realized that somewhere along the line we all get this moment, this crazy special moment, that affirms all of our dreams, hidden wishes and biggest prayers.
That moment that gives us enough fuel to push ourselves forward exactly when needed, so we can create more and more of the same wondrous moments.
The beauty about being an artist (or any other kind of freelancer/entrepreneur for that matter) is that our whole career is a chain of those kind of moments combined together 🙂 
Think about it… We work so hard just to be able to achieve them, when they arrive, big or small, they bring this enormous sense of gratification and pride, while simultaneously create this fiery feeling of -“Yes, I need more of that.. let’s keep going” 
I guess what I’m trying to say is, having our dreams as our goals is the best motivation!
We just need to stay focused and mindful for all the steps we take on the way to achieving them.                          By doing that, we are enjoying our every moment, realizing we are living our dreams, rather then getting stuck in that notion of one futuristic picture of achievement that we keep working for and it still seems far away.. 
Get inspired by your actions- every single day!! Don’t discourage yourself with bullshit ideas that you have attached yourself to… 
You are your dreams!! Even on those days that it feels like they will never come true… 
They will… They always do… just believe

Sending love and inspiration…
As always, grateful for you being here.

*Image on the left- My model and I from the show 

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  1. Suzanne Brown

    Because of your faith, family you have and will inspire others. Your amazing, you know your worth, enjoying life, raising 2 children along side a loving husband that has your back as you have his. Continue to be and do you because God has so much more for you to accomplish. Love and Chad.

  2. OMG I actually cried while reading the part of you being at “Fashion week”
    I was so excited then as I am now….

    You are a true inspiration for me and many others. The most important thing is to follow our heart so we can live life to its fullest with a smile and fulfilment.

    You are AMAZING Lulu-Lee

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