My 1st Blog post… Exciting!!!!

Hi everyone,
I’m very excited to finally start my blog, it’s been a long time coming and I’m truly grateful for this opportunity to share my journey with you all.
It’s my first post so it’s a bit long, but had to give you some background.
welcome to my world….


It all started when I was about 4 or 5 yrs old…
My mother’s makeup kit was like this magic box of colors and brushes and every time she opened it I would be mesmerized!!
Watching her, sitting in her vanity table, in front of the mirror, making her face up step by step so meticulously… I was captured!! My mind was wondering how and my hands wanted to do the same. I was blessed to have a mother who saw my passion and infatuation with the art and she generously gave me her whole makeup kit to play with- I know!! I had an awesome mom!! (it was under the tight agreement that I’m not going anywhere near her new one though lol) I was hooked!!!
I painted my face and anyone else who was kind enough to be my guinea pig 🙂
flowers around the eyes with each petal colored in a different color shadow, stem drawn by black kohl making its way down my cheek to my throat with small leaves painted green, a colorful star or butterfly and lipsticks for days… who needed paper and crayons when I had this Lol

As a teenager I was the “go to” house before going out. Master of winged eyeliner and brow twizzing, Friday night was a party in my house, and the best part about it, my parents loved it!! The pride on my mom’s face was always a source of motivation for me… still till this day, every time I need some strength, motivation, inspiration or just a boost of confidence I close my eyes and imagine hers… open wide, bright, mirroring and proud… I miss her so…
I’ll be writing about her many times I’m sure, somehow, she always finds her way into my words… she was one of a kind. (Fuck cancer!!!)

Then came the Army- Yes, I’m an Army girl, its mandatory where I’m from, served 2 years as the 1st and only women to ever do my job… can’t elaborate much because it was relatively confidential, but it was a “men’s” job and I was proud to break the myth. Keeping my feminine side though was not something I was willing to compromise about by no means, so, though my uniforms were full of grease and oil, my fake nail tips were in tip top shape, (spent about 30min a day after shower cleaning them lol) hair always colored and looked good, the eyeliner… ohhh the liner, top outer line with a small classic wing, or just a simple fill in at the water line, he was always with me… my friend, my reassurance, my identity. While staying in base for days at a time was not something out of the ordinary, when we had our free disco time- wait! I need a moment here… hahaha 20 yrs ago.. disco time…
I freaking miss those simple days, I swear!! anyways, comes disco time, yet again, a crew in my room, I’m pampering my girls, loving every second of it.

After that came makeup school, I moved to the big city, away from my home town and the dreams got bigger and bigger…it was one of the happiest times in my life in general and most creative to date back then.
I traveled, worked in retail at a makeup boutique, collaborated with photographers who introduced me to other creative souls, I was shooting magazine covers, doing top models, living on my own and having the best times… There are no buts in this case, only a YET… Everything was going well, Yet my dreams of America were bigger than me, I just had to go… get on a plane and go…

I’m going to pause for now, I think I bored u enough… well hopefully not!! How sad will that be?! My first ever blog entry and its boring Lol

I’ll write about my journey to America in my next post. Then, little by little, I will share with u guys specific experiences and the lessons learned from them, or enlightened light bulb kind of moments, that occurred through them. I’ll share stories from the makeup chair with some of my clients in past 17 yrs, some inspiring Q&A interviews with some of the most creative minds in our industry, and simply make this a place for us to share / absorb inspiration from the beauty industry on a deeper level then what meets the eye.
This is:
Inspirational Beauty

Thanks for being here guys. Love, light and many blessings.
keep it mindful and stay beautiful just as u are! (no contour necessary 🙂 unless u really want to, then that’s fine with me 🙂 )


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  1. Merav Rosh Ohana

    Loved it! Can’t wait for the next to come!!!!
    So happy to see this dream becoming real!
    Lulu, you are a true energy and inspiration to us all!! Xoxo

  2. Jonnie Edwards

    I can’t wait to see your next blog . I had no idea about your love of make up, only your love of horses. I’m so lucky to have been a part of your journey in America and I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences here.

  3. Yaniv Halily – loved it. You truly made me feel like I was there, in those moments, with you (can you put some eye liner for me too?)

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